An Interactive Kandinsky Brings the 1932 Painting to Life

An Interactive Kandinsky Brings the 1932 Painting to Life

There is a new interactive version of Kandinsky’s 1932 painting “Entscheidendes Rosa” that features a spooky looking bird peering out of an envelope along with a couple of triangles that morph into a dog. I know this all sounds pretty bizarre however this is part of an experimental piece called “Animated Kandinsky” which mixes gaming features with geometric forms to create an interactive interpretation of the artists work.

Carnegie Mellon University students Nivetha Kannan and Sarah Kwan sought to explore the “relationship between traditional abstract art and present-day animation techniques.” The interactive version of this famous painting invites users to click any shape and watch it come to life with sound and movement. You’ll be able to select and move the large pink square from which the painting gets its name, or experience the moon shapes morphing into a mans face as it sneezes.

Adding sound to his artwork makes perfect sense in leu of the following quote; “The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble.” It also forces the viewer to reconsider many of the original elements of the painting by placing them into a new context and gives the painting a whole new meaning.

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